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Advancements in Technology is opened many doors in Education. The use of Computers can be a very effective way of learning from hands on experience. The College has a well furnished Computer Lab with all latest Computers, which caters to the need of B.Ed. students. The Computer Lab also having projector and internet facility to train the students comprehensively in all the modern technologies which will help them to be a good teacher. It is used for imparting practical training to the students and preparing them to use the computer in class room situation. It provides the teachers and learners with non-print material, slide transparencies and power point presentation etc. The centre has a rich repository of 250 CDs and transparencies are also available on different teaching subject from class VI to IX, which are used by the teacher trainees during their micro and macro teaching. It is also equipped with the latest model of projector, OHP and Epidiascope etc.
Science and Mathematics Resource Centre

The college has a well-equipped laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry of experiments required at school level and to develop the spirit of scientific attitude for prospective teachers. It is adequately equipped with instruments, apparatuses, specimens, microscopes, slides chemicals etc. to demonstrate practical that help to make subject matter more clear. The mathematics resource centre is well equipped with mathematical models, charts, wooden geometrical shapes, geometrical instruments, Abacus, decimal plates, geoboard etc.

Psychology Lab
Psychology lab is very important in any education college. In this lab we have different tests and tools to assess the intelligence, personality and creativity, attitude, value, reasoning ability of the students. The lab is also equipped with psychological apparatus like mirror drawing apparatus, Muller Lyre illusion, finger dexterity board etc. Proper Guidance and counseling services are also provided to students on issues ranging from those concerning with education to those relating personal matters of the heart. Pictures of eminent psychologist along with their achievement adorn the walls of this room.
Social Studies Lab
Effective environment is required for teaching –learning process. Our college provides social studies room with fully equipped modern teaching aids which caters a pleasant environment, where students learn to prepare models, charts etc. They also learn other skills to make their teaching learning process effective.
Music Room
In the regular curriculum of the college, students are given time and space to smoothen their mind and soul in the music room where the required musical and peaceful aura shift them to a new calm world.
Creativity Room
The room has various maps, models and teaching aids in different subjects developed through a process of training and competition. The room is equipped with art material for preparation of charts, models and transparencies. Art room is an appropriate place to give shape to imagination and creativity. Students are encouraged to give colorful picture to various ideas related to different topics.
Language Lab
The lab is well equipped with hardware and software such as linguaphone, study material, VCD, TV, audio cassettes recorder, educational CDs and head phones for language learning by the students. All these facilities are available in the lab to facilitate the teaching and learning of the language. There is a good collection of charts and models to develop different language skill.
Resource Room
The college has setup a resource room for training the B.Ed. students with special needs. It provides an Individualized Educational Programme (IEP) for children with disabilities. The resource room is equipped with all the material which will be used for enhancing the skills trainees.
Health and Physical Education Room

The college provides a rich programme of co-curricular activities for teacher trainees for the all round development of their personalities. The college has facilities for games namely badminton, volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis and kho-kho for the students. Inter class tournaments are held throughout the year.

Girls and Boys Common Room
A common room for boys and girls is available with facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess, etc. The college has an auditorium with seating capacity of 150-200 people, which is available for co-curricular activities like debates quizzes and other co-curricular activities etc.
Multi-purpose Hall

The college has well-ventilated and furnished hall with a seating capacity of 400 students. Beautiful decorated and lighted stage gives a platform to the budding talents. The spacious hall utilized to conduct extension lectures, morning assembly and a number of college functions.

Seminar Room
The ultra modern seminar room is having a seating capacity of 100 persons for conducting seminars, workshops, etc.
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